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Board of Trustees

Totara College is governed by a duly elected Board of Trustees. The board is made up of the principal and representatives for: the proprietors, parents, staff, and students. The board may also “co-opt” members from time to time for specific reasons. All board members are elected according to standard procedures for all state and integrated schools.

The responsibility of the board is to ensure that the college fulfills its responsibilities to the college charter and board policies, and that the school meets its legal obligations to the Ministry of Education.

Totara College Dannevirke


Totara College Dannevirke - Proprietors
David Reid, Pastor Ben Harrowfield and Rex Omundsen Proprietors of Dannevirke Christian Fellowship

Totara College is considered a ministry of the Dannevirke Christian Fellowship and as such comes under the churches oversight and spiritual leadership. The Dannevirke Christian Fellowship board is known as the “proprietors” of Totara College.

The proprietors own the buildings and are responsible for the “special character” of the college, and in particular its spiritual aims and objectives.

Totara College Dannevirke

About Us

School Leaders

Totara College Students

Totara College has chosen three capable School Leaders this year and judging by their calibre, the students are in good hands for 2020. Jordan Frankcom, center, (Year 13) is the main Student Leader but has two deputies in Logan Strydom, left, (Year 12) and Caleb Sutton, right, (Year 12).

Previous School Leaders

Houses and Challenges

In 2004 it was decided that House Groups would be an excellent idea to build leadership, foster healthy competition and reward excellence in academic and sporting achievement. 

Three tribes of Israel from the Bible were chosen as names (Abraham, Judah and Zebulun) along with Abraham the father of Israel.  These names all have an association with the coming of Jesus. 

House group points are used every week to encourage students to be punctual, have tidy offices, get their homework done, etc.  Each student is marked out of 20 and at the end of each week the scores are averaged out and totalled so that the winning House Group is decided on.  There is a shield in the Assembly hall and each week the winning House Group has the Shield hanging below their name for the week.

Totara College has Athletics and Swimming Sports Championships each year and there are points for participation, placings and records.  The winning House group is announced at Assembly after the swimming and athletics points have been tallied up.

At the end of the year the principal takes all the members of the overall winning House group to McDonalds for a special lunch.